If you're looking to enhance your overall health and wellness,

below are some products that I can't live without.

I believe in these companies, their products, and their missions so much so that I became an affiliate for them. That means that the companies give me a small percentage of each sale without it impacting your payment price.

I've experienced tremendous benefits from these products, and I know you will too.

In a few of the videos inside the Rituals For Longevity program, I talk about fascia -- specifically why we want it to be happy and healthy, as well as what happens when it's cranky (hello, pain and cellulite).

There are so many different FasciaBlaster tools (I have 5 different ones and use them daily!), each one offering many benefits.

Do your body a favor and check these out. My faves include the FaceBlaster, the Mini 2, and the MasterBlaster.

I have chronic pain, and CBD is an integral part of my daily pain relief and prevention regimen. There are lots of CBD companies out there, but I super really love the folks at Lazarus Naturals.

Their products are organic, come in many forms, and their customer service is exceptional. I also appreciate that they offer assistance programs to folks who have long-term disabilities, who are vets, as well as those who have low income levels.

I used to take a ton of ibuprofen every day to help with pain relief. But no more. Instead, I treat my pain with CBD and feel so much better (and am not harming my body as I was with the massive ibuprofen consumption).

Each day I use a tincture, some gummies, and end the day with the nighttime CBD sleep capsules. I also use the lotion and salves to apply directly to my cranky body parts.

Financial Wellness tools are just as vital as Physical Wellness tools!

For all of my websites, I use FEA Create and couldn't love them anymore than I do.

For one payment (either monthly or annually) you receive:

*UNLIMITED websites

*UNLIMITED funnels

*UNLIMITED courses/memberships/subscriptions


*UNLIMITED team members

*UNLIMITED calendars

*Pre-designed templates for sales pages/email funnels/web pages/waitlist funnels/lead-gen funnels/workshop funnels

*literally so much more, I could keep going

Manage your websites, blog, podcast, emails, social media scheduling, CRM, courses, memberships ALL INSIDE THIS ONE PLATFORM.

And honestly the best part is their customer service. Need help? They have an engaged FB group, live chats with tech support, email tech support, and Zoom tech sessions. And the tech team is friendly, helpful, and patient.

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