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Good health is our birthright.  And while it's pretty simple to achieve, that doesn't mean it's always easy.

Tired and frustrated from dealing with the chronic pain and fatigue associated with Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia, I used my own physical experiences to find a better way. 

My name is Holly, and I'm here to help you feel vibrant and full of life.

Back in 2006, I began practicing Ayurveda with an internationally-acclaimed Ayurvedic doctor, and in 2008 I took my first yoga training.  Feeling the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of these two practices, I quickly noticed a difference in how much better I felt. 

A lover of teaching yoga and guiding others on their wellness journeys, in 2012 I created a 200-hour yoga teacher training program that focused heavily on Ayurveda, AyurYoga, and anatomy. 

In 2014, I opened up a yoga studio in Southern California where I positively impacted hundreds of people.  When Covid made its appearance, it caused me to take a hard look at my own personal health.

I'd had high blood pressure for over a decade. I was sleeping like trash and was beyond exhausted every day. I felt like I had no time to take care of myself -- and on my days off, I had no motivation or energy to do anything that I knew would improve my overall health.

That's when I started taking my health seriously.

I had over 1300 hours of training in yoga and Ayurveda -- and, yet, I was so depleted that even just thinking about implementing some of these tried-and-true ancient practices sent me into a spiral of overwhelm.

From there, the Rituals For Longevity Program was born.

I began to trickle in some amazing practices into my day. It started with adding in some morning rituals, then doing some others throughout the day. I noticed how my nights were going and saw some shifts I could make to help me feel even better. And then I learned additional practices that could be done once a month to set up myself for even more goodness.

Now, I can't imagine my world without these life-changing wellness practices that have been around for over 5,000 years.

My mission is to bring the highest quality of life to as many people as I can, empowering them to effortlessly live in optimal health.

I'd love to help you get your groove back, to bring you into your most balanced state.

In the Rituals For Longevity Program, I'll share with you the techniques that I've been doing to help me reduce my stress, lower my blood pressure, lose weight, and sleep better.

I know, it sounds too easy and maybe even too good to be true.

But things don't have to be rocket science or difficult to be impactful. And you deserve to feel your absolute best.

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