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A woman with long dark hair is sitting up in bed, stretching with arms overhead.

Wake Up and Wind Down: The Power of Stretching in Bed

June 01, 20242 min read

Through the years, I’ve stumbled on some pretty amazing things that make my body happy.  But one of the easiest has been to take a few minutes in the morning and evening to stretch my body while in bed.

This can be done laying down or sitting up – or both – first thing in the morning and the last thing before turning out the lights.

The principles are easy:  Take a couple of minutes and move your body in slow, gentle ways that feel fantastic.  

These might include:

⫸wrists and ankle circles

⫸windshield wipers (knees bent, feet apart on the mattress, and swaying the legs from side to side)

⫸gentle twists (laying down with pillows underneath your knees or hips, or sitting up with the feet on the floor)

⫸stretching your body long while laying down

⫸folding forward when sitting up (just be mindful if you tend to be dizzy or wobbly first thing in the morning)

⫸figure 4 stretches (laying on your back, place your feet on your bed or a pillow, knees bent; lift your right foot and place your right ankle on your left knee; you can stay like this or lift your left foot, bringing your legs closer to your body, your hands holding on to whatever part of your legs as feel best; do this on both sides)

Basically, anything that feels good, do that while making sure that you’re paying attention to your body’s needs and following any movement restrictions given by your doctor.

Benefits of taking a couple of minutes to stretch while in bed include reducing pain, relaxing before bed/easing into your day, stretching tight body parts, boosting circulation, gentle lymphatic flow aid, and making you feel oh so good.

Sometimes we forget that it’s often the simplest actions that have a huge, beneficial long-term effect.  Let your body be your guide, and enjoy starting and ending your day feeling blissed out.

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