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The Ritual Of Bathing: Soaking Up The Self Love

The Ritual Of Bathing: Soaking Up The Self Love

July 02, 20233 min read

When is the last time you took a bath?  I mean actually filled the tub, created the perfect mood, and relaxed for a while.  If it's recently, I'm thrilled to know that you're practicing a glorious act of self love.  If your answer was more along the lines of "Ha, like a year ago," this might be the soft nudge you needed to go soak tonight.

As you begin to set up your bath, remember...

The ritual begins before you step in.

Taking the time to craft your ultimate bathing experience will encourage complete relaxation and begins the moment you decide to go soak.  

Once you set aside the time of the day or night to bathe, put your family on notice that you're going to be having some quiet time.  Get out the big Do Not Disturb sign, hang it on the bathroom door, and remind others that you need this time to soothe your soul.

Before your hand touches the faucet, take a moment to thank yourself for this act of self care.  Then, as the water warms to the perfect temp and your tub fills, gather anything you'd like to help make this experience all the richer.  For me, that means candles, rose petals from my garden, bubbles, either a book or music (or both), and the drink of my choice.  Sometimes that's tea, sometimes it's wine, depending on my mood of the evening -- for evenings are my preferred times to soak and relax, unwinding from the craziness of the day.

Image of a bottle of essential oils, perfect for bath time

To make each bathing experience unique, here are a few ways to create a delicious ritual:

  • Add some bubbles to your bath.  There are so many options to choose from here, so pick your favorite scent (or no scent at all) and let the bubbles build to enticing levels. 

  • Want a more natural alternative?  Essential oils can be a lovely option.  Just be sure that the oil is safe for your skin.  For example, I love the smell of peppermint, but that would completely burn the sensitive areas on my body.  Instead, lavender, chamomile, or rose would be a better choice.  Unsure of what's safe and what isn't?  Google is your friend here.

  • I feel so pampered when I have fresh flower petals floating in my bath. Same thing here as with the essential oils: choose appropriately, and organically, if possible.  And if you don't have access to fresh flowers, try ordering some dried petals or blossoms from someplace online like Mountain Rose Herbs, which sells all sorts of good things to make this a celebratory ritual.

  • Epsom salts are also a nice add-on to your bath.  They help pull out toxins from your body and soothe tired muscles.  There are scented and unscented varieties which can be found at your favorite market or pharmacy.

Picture of a bathtub

If these options leave you feeling overwhelmed, completely ditch the fanciness and just go soak your body in a perfectly-warm bathtub. 

Because, while all of the accents and enhancements are a way to up the experience, the most important aspect is to take this time for you

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