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Dry Brushing -- It's All About The Rub

Dry Brushing -- It's All About The Rub

November 06, 20222 min read

When is the last time you connected with your body? A great way to cultivate that body connection is by dry brushing your skin every morning. This simple act allows us to notice the subtle cues from our bodies that something maybe isn't quite right. It also helps us notice when we're back to our vibrant selves. The act of dry brushing is a great way to learn more about your body and give yourself some love.

If you're unfamiliar with dry brushing, it's the simple technique of using your dry hand to rub your dry body -- no fancy tools needed. Before you shower, take off all of your clothes and just rub your hands up and down on your body in long, quick strokes.

Beginning at your feet, rub the soles up and down a few times. When you're ready, move to the tops of your feet, then the lower legs, upper legs, belly, back, arms, chest, etc. Wherever you have skin, rub there.

The amount of pressure you'll use is pretty light. Think of this as sloughing off your dead skin cells with an invisible washcloth. Don't scrub but rather lightly go over your skin with the dry palms of the hands. Be sure to lift any folds of the skin (such as on your belly) so you can get every part of your gorgeous self.

Use long strokes on long-bone areas and shorter strokes on smaller areas, avoiding going in a circular motion. Keep the action up and down, side to side -- even diagonal is fine. When you get to the ankles, knees shoulders, and elbows, use a gentle circular motion there.

Dry brushing helps with lymphatic drainage as well as exfoliation. It also reduces cellulite (which is actually caused by fascial adhesions), improves circulation, and helps to open up the energy channels in the body.

Because it's energizing, it's best to dry brush your skin in the morning rather than in the evening. Also, be mindful to avoid your face, nipples, genitals, and any places with open wounds, rashes, bruises, cuts, sunburns, etc.

One of the most important elements of dry brushing is to be kind and compassionate with yourself as you're touching your skin. If you tend to be self-critical and judgmental about yourself, notice when that chatter begins in your mind and then intentionally change that dialog to be more accepting and loving towards yourself. Remember, you are not a Barbie doll, and societal pressures have no freaking place in your self care practices.

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